…is the sport of ascending the rock faces and big walls of a mountain to reach its summit




Free flash ascent „Eternal flame“ 1300m Trango Tower; Nameless; Karakorum; Pakistan

“6 free ascents” on El Capitan, Yosemite, CA

2015 El Nino (FFA)
2016 Zodiac (FFA)
2017 Magic Mushroom (FFA)
2019 Pre-Muir Wall
2019 The Nose
2023 El Corazon

first female ascent of the „Alpine Trilogy” three of the hardest alpine routes in the alps.

„Odyssee“ first repetition of the hardest free climb on the Eiger North face. One day ascent in 16h.

FFA Eternal Flame, Trango- Expedition Pakistan



El Corazon (El Capitan; all free with Lara Neumeier in November)


FFA „Eternal Flame“  redpoint ascent, Trango – Nameless Tower, Pakistan; (every pitch first try)


Angels and Demons (Valle Dell Orco, 5 pitches up to 8a+)

Paradise of Joy (Val di Mello, 20 pitches up to 8b)


Kampfzone (3 Türme, Rätikon; 6 pitches up to 8b/+)

Odyssee (33pitches up to 8a+, one day ascent in 16h)



The Nose (El Capitan, all free)

FFA Freedom (Rote Wand, Arlberg, 9-pitches up to 8b)

Headless Children (Rätikon, 7pitches up to 8b, 2 days)

FFA- Zeit zum Atmen, (Rote Wand, Arlberg region; 7pitches: 7c,8a,8a+,7c+,7c,8b,8b/+)

Pre-Muir wall, 4th free route on El Capitan, (32 pitches up to 8b, 7 days ascent; single push, ground up)

Father time, middle Cathedral, Yosemite (20 pitches up to 8a+, 4 days ascent, single push, ground up)




Odyssee, first free repetition, Eiger Northface, CH  (1300m, 33pitches up to 8a+/5.13c)

Magic Mushroom, Eiger Northface, CH (600m, 22 pitches up to 7c+/5.13a, one day ascent)

Deep blue sea, Eiger Northface, CH (350m, 10 pitches up to 7b+/5.12c, on sight) 

Sangre de Toro, FFA, Rote Wand, Lech am Arlberg, AUT (300m, 6 pitches up to 8b+/5.14a, 2nd go)

Rote Kraft, Rote Wand, Lech am Arlberg, AUT (300m, 6 pitches up to 7c+/5.13a, on sight)



Magic Mushroom, El Capitan, Yosemite, CA (30 pitches up to 8b+/5.14a, first free repetition of the second hardest route on El CAP)



Zodiac, El Capitan, Yosemite (5 day push, 600m, 21 pitches up to 8b/5.13d, FFA)

Der Weg durch den Fisch, Marmolada south face, ITA, (800m, 30 pitches up to 7b+/5.12c, on sight)  

Cathedrale Dolomites, IT (700m, 21 pitches up to 8a+, FFA)

New Age Rätikon, CH (200m, 5 pitches up to 8a+, one day ascent)

Golden Shower, Verdon, FR (150m, 4 pitches up to 8b+, FFA)

Non ci resta che piangere, Dolomites, IT, (300m 12 pitches up to 8a+/5.13c, one day ascent)

Lilith, Rätikon, CH, (250m, 9 pitches up to 7c+/5.13a, one day ascent)

Dame Cookie, Verdon, FR (150m, 7 pitches up to 8a/5.13b, on sight)




El Nino, El Capitan, Yosemite, CA (8 day push, 900m, 30 pitches up to 8a+/5.13c, FFA)

Unendliche Geschichte, Rätikon, CH (380m, 12 pitches up to 8b+/5.14a)

Bellavista, west cime/north face, Dolomites, IT (700m, 24 pitches up to 8b+/5.14a)

La Ramirole, Verdon, FR (250m, 5 pitches up to 8b/5.13d)



Moonlight buttress,  Zion Nationalpark, Utah, USA (350m, 9pitches up to 7c/5.12+, trad)




completing the “Alpine Trilogy” with the two missing routes:

Kaisers neue Kleider, Wilder Kaiser, AUT (350m, 9 pitches up to hard 8b+/5.14, FFA)

Silbergeier, Rätikon, CH (250m, 6 pitches up to 8b+/5.14a)



End of Silence, Berchtesgaden, DE (400m, 11 pitches up to 8b/+, 5.14a, FFA)

Super Cirill, Ticino CH (200m, 9 pitches up to 7c+/5.13a, trad)

Delicatessen, Korsika, FR (200m, 5 pitches up to 8b/5.13d)



Hotel Supramonte, Sardinia, IT (450m, 11 pitches up to 8b/5.13d)

Via acacia, Rätikon, CH (350m, 11 pitches up to 7c+/5.13a, FFA)