I am a rock climber from Tirol, Austria -, now based in Bludenz, Vorarlberg. I began climbing at the age of 14 when my brother brought me to the local climbing gym. I enjoyed climbing from the very first minute and quickly became obsessed with the sport.

Later on I met Bernd Zangerl-(no relation). He was already a professional rock climber at this time and took my sister Claudia and me from the gym to rock climbing. Together we checked out the various boulder regions in Austria and Switzerland. I can very well remember my first rock face experience. Back then I could hardly imagine that climbing on a natural surface could be so much better than what I did before. It was an incisive experience for me and whenever possible, I spent time climbing outside. I travelled to many different bouldering areas around the world. In 2008 I became the first women bouldering 8b (V13) at the age of 19.

The next key moment, was my backinjury, a herniated vertebral disc (happend in 2009), which made me to change my attitude towards climbing a bit. I wasn’t allowed to do bouldering for a long time, which was my focus up until then. That’s how I discovered a new passion. I thoroughly enjoyed trying something new. At this time I also started the education to become a medical radiographer. After my rehab of my back injury, I had more motivation than ever and climbed some of the most beautiful alpine,- trad and sport climbing routes in the world. 

For the past 8 years climbing has getting more and more a full time occupation for me. I reduced my work as a radiographer and I started to travel more in search of new challenges. 

Together with my boyfriend Jacopo Larcher I experienced a lot of unforgettable adventures over the past years. Climbing and the lifestyle involved are important to both of us. Whenever we manage something that is on our personal limit, it’s an incredible feeling that encourages us to carry on and to explore new boundaries.