Bouldering was my passion over the first 6 years of climbing.

Here are some boulders, I remember…



8b (V13)

2008 FFA pura vida (Avers, CH)


8a/+ (V12)

2005 X-Ray (Silvretta, AUT)

2007 Kraftkeksi (Lorüns, AUT)

8a (V11)

2017 Nano sex (Avers, CH)

2017 Super Nova original variante (Avers, CH)

2017 Fingerlicker (Avers, CH)

2017 Monalisa (Lorüns, AUT)

2008 Dr. Pintch (Ticino, CH)

2008 Teamwork (Ticino, CH)

2007 Freie Liebe (Silvretta, AUT)

2005 Krieger des Lichts  sd. (Silvretta, AUT)

2005 Phase 1 (Susten, CH)

2005 Schattenkrieger sd. (Silvretta, AUT)

2005 sunshine raggy (Silvretta, AUT)

2004 rising sun (Silvretta, AUT)

2004 Shining (Silvretta, AUT)


7c+ (V10)

2008 Zwiederwurtz original (Silvretta, AUT)

2007 Niviuk (Silvretta, AUT)

2007 Les doigts verts (Ticino, CH)

2007 that goes left (Ticino, CH)

2006 Caroline (Rocklands, SA)

2006 Weichei, Rocklands, SA

2006 Last summer in paradise, Rocklands, SA