Climbing and the lifestyle involved are important to me. I was 14 years old when I discovered climbing and since then I have never stopped adapting to new challenges. I am mostly focused on rock climbing, doing all disciplines, sport,- trad and alpine climbing.

2022 First female redpoint ascent of „Eternal Flame“ Trango Tower Pakistan.

2020 16h ascent of „Odyssee 8a+“ the hardest free climb on the Eiger North Face.

2019 I got the award of „National Geographics adventurer“ of the year.

5 free ascents on El Capitan. (2015 FFA El Nino, 2016 FFA Zodiac, 2017 FFA Magic Mushroom, 2019 Pre-Muir, The Nose free)

2013 First female ascent of the „Alpine Trilogy“ (End of Silence, Silbergeier, Kaisers neue Kleider)