traditional Single pitch

…Traditional climbing involves carrying and placing protection (chocks, camming devices and so on) rather than clipping into preplaced bolts. In the simplest terms, sport climbing focuses almost entirely on physical challenges, while trad climbing involves a strong mental aspect and a higher risk as well.



2023 Meltdown ( 4th ascent; hard for the grade! Yosemite valley, California)


2017 FA Gondo Crack (Cippo, CH)

8b+/ R

2021 FFA Le Voyage (Annot, FRA)

2021 FFA Green Spit (Valle Dell Orco, ITA)

2018 FFA the path (Lake Louise, Canada) 

2017 Book of hate (Yosemite, USA) 




2022 waiting for (Cadarese, Italy)

2017 FFA Muy Caliente, E9-10/6c (Pembroke/Wales) 

2016 Achemine, first repetition, E9/6c (Dumbarton/Scotland) 

2014 FFA Prinzip Hoffnung (Vorarlberg, AUT)


2020 Anna Kournikova (Valle Dell Orco)

2017 Chupacabra, E9/6c (Pembroke, Wales)

2017 Big Issue, E9/6c (Pembroke, Wales)

2017 Do you know where your children are, E8/6c (Pembroke/Wales)

2017 Profundo Rosso (Ossola, IT)



2020 Conosci te stesso (Valle dell Orco)

2020 Cani e gatti (Valle Dell Orco)

2020 Rocky Marciano (Valle Dell Orco)

2018 North Star (Squamish, Canada)

2017 Point blank, ground up/flash, E8/6c (Pembroke/Wales) 

2017 Cosmic Dibris (Yosemite, USA) 

2017 Turkey Crack (Cadarese, IT)

2016 Requiem, E8/6c (Dumbarton/Scotland)

2014 The Doors (Cadres, IT)

2014 Grazie Ricky (Cadarese, IT)



2018 The Shadow, 60m, way too hard for the grade (Squamish, Canada)

2018 The great arch, on sight (Squamish, Canada)

2016 Bookcake (Cadarese, IT)



2018 flight challenger (Squamish, Canada)

2017 Django, (Cadarese, IT)

2014 Mustang (Cadarese, IT)